Single Nucleotide and Indel Caller for Circulating Tumor DNA


SiNVICT is designed to detect SNVs and short indels from cell-free/circulating tumor DNA sequencing data.

Currently Supported Features:

  • Multi-Sample and Single-Sample SNV and short indel calling
  • Read depth filtering
  • Strand bias filtering
  • Homopolymer region filtering
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio filtering
  • Time-Series Analysis for samples sequenced from the same patient in multiple time points



To download and use SiNVICT please use the side links.


Feel free to send your inquiries to @ckockan or @fhach

Bug Reports

To report any bugs or issues please refer to the issues page.


SiNVICT is brought to you by: - Can Kockan @ckockan - Faraz Hach @fhach

From the Lab for Computational Biology at Simon Fraser University

Release Notes

2016-07-27: SiNVICT version 1.0 release:

  • Initial release of the source code